Railpool 151-075

The 151-075 was wrapped in Dessau for Railpool:

151 075   IMG-20200128-WA0003 Steve Wiktor   IMG-20200128-WA0004 Steve Wiktor

Say Yes To Europe – TX-Logistik 193-278

wrapped in Duisburg in order of TX:

47984215892_2876b63710_Martin_Morkowsky Siemens-Vectron_193-278_TX-Logistik_Say-Yes-To-Europe_Christian-Kai-Bessler_Railcolornews_9034

Railpool 151-062

The loco 151-062 became a Railpool-design similar to 155-138 (in Dessau/DE in May 2019).

railcolorclassic_railpool_15101RailpoolMartinDirsch_dessau20190612 36374395fq

A scale model is expected soon by Roco and Fleischmann (H0/N).

A locomotive in honour of Beethoven – 182-510

We have made a design for a locomotive of MRCE for the 250-year birthday anniversary of the famous German composer Ludwig van Beethoven. The loco No 182-510 was wrapped by us in Linz in April 2019.

Beethowen 3D 8

The decorated loco was presented on 23.04.19 at the Bonn main railwaystation. The ceremony was organized by Beethoven Jubiläums GmbH.

20190423_141729 20190423_142125IMG_5724 Hornung

Since then this loco carries passanger and freight trains all over the tracks of Europe.

182-510-beethoven-mit-nighjet 295 in München Hbf am 21.08.19 Daniel Hein 59615513_137396074081247_8760128929336207995_n franz1890 70538316_119892559392296_4705658890972917316_n Lokführer Caillou 71023429_2319198638344374_7352513959513652030_n Martin Morkowsky Mitterberghütten 14.06.19 Kevin Mikulic 49044766828_962bcc6fa6_k

There will be produced scale models in gauge H0 of this locmotive by the Austrian manufacturer Jägerndorfer. It is expected in March 2020.

2 shunting locomotives for KGT (Stendal 05.03.2019)

We wrapped 2 shunting locomotives (203-728 and 203-737) in Stendal/Germany in Alstom workshop for KGT.

190811Lok1_500-800x500 U2019-05-9

WLC-ELL: 193-243 (Munich-Allach 01.03.2019)

The 193-243 of ELL was wrapped totally on one side and partially on the other side.

index siemens_vectron_ell67herbertpschill_20190203 WLC - ELL Werbung

New Design for Railpool: 186-295 (20.02.2019)

We have wrapped a crashed and “graffiti-designed” Traxx for Railpool with a new livery in Nuremberg at DB-Regio workshop. Before wrapping:

bomb_35344_57 35442984185_03c90c84dd_b

and afterwards:

20190220_170626 33308791798_8569a8116b_o (1) 46339356785_f9ba5cc8c6_o 47753337612_2e26c9abdb_o

2 Diesellocos Serial No 232 for MTMG Co (12.18-01.19)

We have labelled 2 locos No 232-055 and 232-453  of an interesting livery in Komárom/Hungary.

20181213_120258 20190103_151611

WIENER LOCALBAHNEN CARGO 1216-954 (02.12.2018)

The loco No 1216-954 was wrapped in Sopron from Hödlmayr to WLC design:

1216_954_01 WLC 1216 final WLC_Siemens_ES64_U4_1216_954_Railcolornews_Vladislav_Bokora_824

MS Traxx3 for TX-Logistik

TX-Logistik has took over the first (two) MultiSystem Traxx3 loco which was foiled by us in Henningsdorf (DE) at Bombardier Transportation site:

DSC_4960 DnmhfU9U0AA2a_S.jpg large

RAILPOOL 155-138

The completely renewed 40-year-old 155-138 loco was foiled by us in Dessau.

The former DB-loco No 9180 6155 138-1:

155-138-1-db-rangiert-aachen-west-575800 DSC_4949

and the new one in RAILPOOL-design:

BR 155 Railpool final2 155 138 a (2)

193-846 mgw-service

We have defoiled and foiled the Vectron No 193-846 for akiem in Dunakeszi (HU). MGW Vectron with rounded squares in silver

Before: 2018 07 18 Dunakeszi - 016 (1024x683) (2) after: 2018 07 18 Dunakeszi - 026 (1024x683) (2)

voestalpine Vectron 193-250

CargoServ charged us with wrapping the ELL-Vectron No 250 for voestalpine. The special livery was made in Linz (AT) in April 2018.

Some pictures of the “metamorphosis of the loco”:

DSC_4638 DSC_4639 (2) DSC_4641 DSC_4644 DSC_4646 DSC_4650 DSC_4652

and some others in duty:

_FRF9136_k  30739595_10215961202123756_2219186254400978944_n  VoestalpineLok_002_kl

Alpha Trains – TX-Logistik: the last 4 Vectrons

The last 4 Vectron locomotives were foiled in Kufstein:

193-556 “007”, 193-557 “Cape”, 193-558 “Natural Talent”, 193-559 “Naturail”

DSC_4186 (2) DSC_4207- DSC_4273 36900539834_75ec4bdf79_b (2)

The H0 Model of GYSEV CARGO Taurus Is Awailable

The H0 model of GYSEV CARGO Taurus by Jägerndorfer is awailable.

Item No’s are as follows: 28190 (DC), 28192 (DC Sound), 18190 (AC), 18192 (AC Sound).



Siemens F4 Locomotives for SBB-Novelis-VTG

SBB Cargo ordered a design for two F4-locomotives that are scheduled to pull the alu-trains of Novelis between Sierre (CH) and Göttingen (D). The first locomotive (189-990) was wrapped in Cologne, the second one (189-994) in Basel.

Pictures of the wrapping:

_MG_8684 _MG_8683  _MG_8680 20170607_105905

and the locomotives in operation:

DSC_3840 F4 090 CHtrainspotter novelis-sbb siem_20695_87_Romain_Constantin

MRCE Mobile Technician

8 Skoda Suberbs and 2 Ford Transits were wrapped in Munich with the design was created by us for those, who will render technical support for the locomotives, that need.

DSC_3781 DSC_3774 DSC_3784 DSC_3786 IMG_20170518_153832

A Decorated Coach for North Hungary

“Out of Rails”: we have wrapped a Mercedes coach with the pictures of tourist and cultural places of interest of North Hungary.

DSC_3770 DSC_3776 DSC_3787

MRCE – Mercitalia

MRCE charged us with the foiling of two Vectrons for Mercitalia. It was done in Munich-Allach at the 4th April 2017. (193-641 and 193-642)

siem_22165_52 DSC_3673 DSC_3671

The next 4 RheinCargo-Traxx

4 locos in Eisenach (D) again: No 185-606, -630, -582 és -605. The were renewed between 20 and 23 April 2017.

DSC_3612 DSC_3644

Amoung the red locos there were some of more interested ones:

DSC_3559 DSC_3570

Alpha Trains & TX-Logistik – the sixth one: Offroad

No 6: 193-555 Munich-Allach 04.03.2017.


Alpha Trains & TX-Logistik – the fifth Vectron: Wolf-Design

The Vectron No 193-554 of Alpha Trains was wrapped in Munich at Siemens. (04.03.2017.)

unnamed siemens_vectron_alphatrains04markuskraus siem_22194_51 33701746172_dd8e597516_b

Re-Foiling of TRAXX-locos for RheinCargo

Due to contract with RheinCargo we shall renew the livery of 12 Traxx-locos: they will be wrapped with the own design of RheinCargo instead of the current HGK-design.


The first 4 locos (185-603, -604, -588, -584) was refoiled in Eisenachban (D) between 28.02.17. and 02.03.17.


Alpha Trains & TX-Logistik – Vectrons No 3 & 4: Responsibilty for our Environment

The third and fourth Vectron-locomotives of Alpha Trains for TX-Logistik were wrapped by a design for “Responsibility Driven by” the above firms. The locos 193-552 and 193-553 were foiled in Munich-Allach on 25th February 2017.

siem_22190_53 siem_22190_54siem_22189_51 siem_22190_52 

Alpha Trains & TX-Logistik – the First 2 Vectrons: Magnet-Design

Due to our contract with Alpha Trains we wrapped the first two Vectrons for TX-Logistik with the sc. magnet-design. (München-Allach (D) of 26th January 2017)

33151801672_884f38c4b4_b C8o1u2mXgAApF1Y DSCF3727  siem_22184_55siem_22184_52

500 Years of Reformation – new livery on 185-589 of RheinCargo

We made a design for the 500-year anniversary of reformation. The TRAXX loco of RheinCargo was wrapped in Brühl (D) on 24.01.17.

RC-Lok_500_Jahre_Reformation_05_Foto_RheinCargo_2000 32790187091_3ef9fe3143_o 32043646154_bc8bfb1615_o IMG_7700xx

A New TRAXX of AKIEM for dp

The TRAXX E483-313 was wrapped in Vado Ligure at Bombardier site on behalf of AKIEM for Dinazzano Po.DSC_3338 11209440_1174274379277206_5064454983692695682_n

New scale models

New “hand-made” models of our locomotives of this year. Groundmodels: TRAXX-ACME (Sanct Martin and Maltese Charity Aid)/ Taurus-Jägerndorfer (60th Anniversary of 1956-Revolution).


New Livery for 470-001 in Honour of the Revolution of 1956

The Taurus-locomotive No. 470-001 of MÁV-START was wrapped on the occation of 60-year anniversary of the revolution of 1956 and presented at Budapest-Keleti railway station on 27th October 2016.

14883656_1329757163715031_9086757214028473868_o 14601015_1943038839256914_4275134173510457107_n DBZOL201610270071_mtv

The project was supported by the Hungarian state.

1st DAI-Vectron for MRCE (INNOTRANS 2016)

The 1st DAI-Vectron was in Müllen-Allach wrapped and in Berlin at Innotrans 2016 presented. This is the first MS-Vectron for Germany, Austria and Italy.


siem_193257_51_Tobias_Schmidt We’d be greatful for good photos of the real loco at work.

Two locomotives for TX-Logistik in new livery

We have designed and wrapped two locos (182-572 and 189-997) in association with TX-Logistik in Kufstein (A).

DSCF3372 DSCF3370

DSCF3408 IMG_7508

The fortress of Kufstein appears soon again, so please follow us.

New TRAXX-livery for the Malteses

What else could have give Loc&More Ltd to the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta, as a new livery for one of the TRAXX-locos of Hungarian Railway Company (MÁV) with the message of the Malteses?

neue-woche-neue-werbelok-940148 P1410096m 160510-maltai-traxx_3_iho

(Magyar) Szent Márton mozdony

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