MS Traxx3 for TX-Logistik

TX-Logistik has took over the first (two) MultiSystem Traxx3 loco which was foiled by us in Henningsdorf (DE) at Bombardier Transportation site:

DSC_4960 DnmhfU9U0AA2a_S.jpg large

RAILPOOL 155-138

The completely renewed 40-year-old 155-138 loco was foiled by us in Dessau.

The former DB-loco No 9180 6155 138-1:

155-138-1-db-rangiert-aachen-west-575800 DSC_4949

and the new one in RAILPOOL-design:

BR 155 Railpool final2 155 138 a (2)

193-846 mgw-service

We have defoiled and foiled the Vectron No 193-846 for akiem in Dunakeszi (HU). MGW Vectron with rounded squares in silver

Before: 2018 07 18 Dunakeszi - 016 (1024x683) (2) after: 2018 07 18 Dunakeszi - 026 (1024x683) (2)

voestalpine Vectron 193-250

CargoServ charged us with wrapping the ELL-Vectron No 250 for voestalpine. The special livery was made in Linz (AT) in April 2018.

Some pictures of the “metamorphosis of the loco”:

DSC_4638 DSC_4639 (2) DSC_4641 DSC_4644 DSC_4646 DSC_4650 DSC_4652

and some others in duty:

_FRF9136_k  30739595_10215961202123756_2219186254400978944_n  VoestalpineLok_002_kl

Alpha Trains – TX-Logistik: the last 4 Vectrons

The last 4 Vectron locomotives were foiled in Kufstein:

193-556 “007”, 193-557 “Cape”, 193-558 “Natural Talent”, 193-559 “Naturail”

DSC_4186 (2) DSC_4207- DSC_4273 36900539834_75ec4bdf79_b (2)

The H0 Model of GYSEV CARGO Taurus Is Awailable

The H0 model of GYSEV CARGO Taurus by Jägerndorfer is awailable.

Item No’s are as follows: 28190 (DC), 28192 (DC Sound), 18190 (AC), 18192 (AC Sound).



Siemens F4 Locomotives for SBB-Novelis-VTG

SBB Cargo ordered a design for two F4-locomotives that are scheduled to pull the alu-trains of Novelis between Sierre (CH) and Göttingen (D). The first locomotive (189-990) was wrapped in Cologne, the second one (189-994) in Basel.

Pictures of the wrapping:

_MG_8684 _MG_8683  _MG_8680 20170607_105905

and the locomotives in operation:

DSC_3840 F4 090 CHtrainspotter novelis-sbb siem_20695_87_Romain_Constantin

MRCE Mobile Technician

8 Skoda Suberbs and 2 Ford Transits were wrapped in Munich with the design was created by us for those, who will render technical support for the locomotives, that need.

DSC_3781 DSC_3774 DSC_3784 DSC_3786 IMG_20170518_153832

A Decorated Coach for North Hungary

“Out of Rails”: we have wrapped a Mercedes coach with the pictures of tourist and cultural places of interest of North Hungary.

DSC_3770 DSC_3776 DSC_3787

MRCE – Mercitalia

MRCE charged us with the foiling of two Vectrons for Mercitalia. It was done in Munich-Allach at the 4th April 2017. (193-641 and 193-642)

siem_22165_52 DSC_3673 DSC_3671

The next 4 RheinCargo-Traxx

4 locos in Eisenach (D) again: No 185-606, -630, -582 és -605. The were renewed between 20 and 23 April 2017.

DSC_3612 DSC_3644

Amoung the red locos there were some of more interested ones:

DSC_3559 DSC_3570

Alpha Trains & TX-Logistik – the sixth one: Offroad

No 6: 193-555 Munich-Allach 04.03.2017.


Alpha Trains & TX-Logistik – the fifth Vectron: Wolf-Design

The Vectron No 193-554 of Alpha Trains was wrapped in Munich at Siemens. (04.03.2017.)

unnamed siemens_vectron_alphatrains04markuskraus siem_22194_51 33701746172_dd8e597516_b

Re-Foiling of TRAXX-locos for RheinCargo

Due to contract with RheinCargo we shall renew the livery of 12 Traxx-locos: they will be wrapped with the own design of RheinCargo instead of the current HGK-design.


The first 4 locos (185-603, -604, -588, -584) was refoiled in Eisenachban (D) between 28.02.17. and 02.03.17.


Alpha Trains & TX-Logistik – Vectrons No 3 & 4: Responsibilty for our Environment

The third and fourth Vectron-locomotives of Alpha Trains for TX-Logistik were wrapped by a design for “Responsibility Driven by” the above firms. The locos 193-552 and 193-553 were foiled in Munich-Allach on 25th February 2017.

siem_22190_53 siem_22190_54siem_22189_51 siem_22190_52 

Alpha Trains & TX-Logistik – the First 2 Vectrons: Magnet-Design

Due to our contract with Alpha Trains we wrapped the first two Vectrons for TX-Logistik with the sc. magnet-design. (München-Allach (D) of 26th January 2017)

33151801672_884f38c4b4_b C8o1u2mXgAApF1Y DSCF3727  siem_22184_55siem_22184_52

500 Years of Reformation – new livery on 185-589 of RheinCargo

We made a design for the 500-year anniversary of reformation. The TRAXX loco of RheinCargo was wrapped in Brühl (D) on 24.01.17.

RC-Lok_500_Jahre_Reformation_05_Foto_RheinCargo_2000 32790187091_3ef9fe3143_o 32043646154_bc8bfb1615_o IMG_7700xx

A New TRAXX of AKIEM for dp

The TRAXX E483-313 was wrapped in Vado Ligure at Bombardier site on behalf of AKIEM for Dinazzano Po.DSC_3338 11209440_1174274379277206_5064454983692695682_n

New scale models

New “hand-made” models of our locomotives of this year. Groundmodels: TRAXX-ACME (Sanct Martin and Maltese Charity Aid)/ Taurus-Jägerndorfer (60th Anniversary of 1956-Revolution).


New Livery for 470-001 in Honour of the Revolution of 1956

The Taurus-locomotive No. 470-001 of MÁV-START was wrapped on the occation of 60-year anniversary of the revolution of 1956 and presented at Budapest-Keleti railway station on 27th October 2016.

14883656_1329757163715031_9086757214028473868_o 14601015_1943038839256914_4275134173510457107_n DBZOL201610270071_mtv

The project was supported by the Hungarian state.

1st DAI-Vectron for MRCE (INNOTRANS 2016)

The 1st DAI-Vectron was in Müllen-Allach wrapped and in Berlin at Innotrans 2016 presented. This is the first MS-Vectron for Germany, Austria and Italy.


siem_193257_51_Tobias_Schmidt We’d be greatful for good photos of the real loco at work.

Two locomotives for TX-Logistik in new livery

We have designed and wrapped two locos (182-572 and 189-997) in association with TX-Logistik in Kufstein (A).

DSCF3372 DSCF3370

DSCF3408 IMG_7508

The fortress of Kufstein appears soon again, so please follow us.

New TRAXX-livery for the Malteses

What else could have give Loc&More Ltd to the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta, as a new livery for one of the TRAXX-locos of Hungarian Railway Company (MÁV) with the message of the Malteses?

neue-woche-neue-werbelok-940148 P1410096m 160510-maltai-traxx_3_iho

(Magyar) Szent Márton mozdony

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(Magyar) TX-LogistikVectron

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(Magyar) Újból egy fekete Taurus az MRCE-nek

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(Magyar) GYSEV CARGO Vectronok

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(Magyar) Art of Rail

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(Magyar) Van Gogh

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(Magyar) Német-magyar barátság éve

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(Magyar) Német újraegyesítés

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(Magyar) Ferenc József és még 3 mozdony a CargoServ-nek

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(Magyar) Connecting Europe

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Linked by Rail

On behalf of and in cooperation with ERS Railways (Holland) we have planed the „Linked by Rail”-design and labelled it onto the MRCE-locomotives No 189-212 and 189-213 in Poznan (Poland):


The Royal Couple of Holland and the Deputy Prime Minister Poland took part on the unveiling ceremony in Swarzedz (Poznan).


The H0 model of the Wagner-locomotive is available. You can order it in your model shop or by sending you a short e-mail: The Jägerndorfer models are available in DC and AC with or without sound. The sound models can play not only the usual Taurus sound, but the classical music (The Ride of Valkyries) of Richard Wagner as well, like the original Wagner-locomotive and unlike any other lokomotive of the world.

Wagner B 1200

(Magyar) Európa határok nélkül

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