Linked by Rail

On behalf of and in cooperation with ERS Railways (Holland) we have planed the „Linked by Rail”-design and labelled it onto the MRCE-locomotives No 189-212 and 189-213 in Poznan (Poland):


The Royal Couple of Holland and the Deputy Prime Minister Poland took part on the unveiling ceremony in Swarzedz (Poznan).


The H0 model of the Wagner-locomotive is available. You can order it in your model shop or by sending you a short e-mail: The Jägerndorfer models are available in DC and AC with or without sound. The sound models can play not only the usual Taurus sound, but the classical music (The Ride of Valkyries) of Richard Wagner as well, like the original Wagner-locomotive and unlike any other lokomotive of the world.

Wagner B 1200

(Magyar) Európa határok nélkül

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