MRCE – Mercitalia

MRCE charged us with the foiling of two Vectrons for Mercitalia. It was done in Munich-Allach at the 4th April 2017. (193-641 and 193-642)

siem_22165_52 DSC_3673 DSC_3671

The next 4 RheinCargo-Traxx

4 locos in Eisenach (D) again: No 185-606, -630, -582 és -605. The were renewed between 20 and 23 April 2017.

DSC_3612 DSC_3644

Amoung the red locos there were some of more interested ones:

DSC_3559 DSC_3570

Alpha Trains & TX-Logistik – the sixth one: Offroad

No 6: 193-555 Munich-Allach 04.03.2017.


Alpha Trains & TX-Logistik – the fifth Vectron: Wolf-Design

The Vectron No 193-554 of Alpha Trains was wrapped in Munich at Siemens. (04.03.2017.)

unnamed siemens_vectron_alphatrains04markuskraus siem_22194_51 33701746172_dd8e597516_b

Re-Foiling of TRAXX-locos for RheinCargo

Due to contract with RheinCargo we shall renew the livery of 12 Traxx-locos: they will be wrapped with the own design of RheinCargo instead of the current HGK-design.


The first 4 locos (185-603, -604, -588, -584) was refoiled in Eisenachban (D) between 28.02.17. and 02.03.17.


Alpha Trains & TX-Logistik – Vectrons No 3 & 4: Responsibilty for our Environment

The third and fourth Vectron-locomotives of Alpha Trains for TX-Logistik were wrapped by a design for “Responsibility Driven by” the above firms. The locos 193-552 and 193-553 were foiled in Munich-Allach on 25th February 2017.

siem_22190_53 siem_22190_54siem_22189_51 siem_22190_52 

Alpha Trains & TX-Logistik – the First 2 Vectrons: Magnet-Design

Due to our contract with Alpha Trains we wrapped the first two Vectrons for TX-Logistik with the sc. magnet-design. (München-Allach (D) of 26th January 2017)

33151801672_884f38c4b4_b C8o1u2mXgAApF1Y DSCF3727  siem_22184_55siem_22184_52

500 Years of Reformation – new livery on 185-589 of RheinCargo

We made a design for the 500-year anniversary of reformation. The TRAXX loco of RheinCargo was wrapped in Brühl (D) on 24.01.17.

RC-Lok_500_Jahre_Reformation_05_Foto_RheinCargo_2000 32790187091_3ef9fe3143_o 32043646154_bc8bfb1615_o IMG_7700xx