2 shunting locomotives for KGT (Stendal 05.03.2019)

We wrapped 2 shunting locomotives (203-728 and 203-737) in Stendal/Germany in Alstom workshop for KGT.

190811Lok1_500-800x500 U2019-05-9

WLC-ELL: 193-243 (Munich-Allach 01.03.2019)

The 193-243 of ELL was wrapped totally on one side and partially on the other side.

index siemens_vectron_ell67herbertpschill_20190203 WLC - ELL Werbung

New Design for Railpool: 186-295 (20.02.2019)

We have wrapped a crashed and “graffiti-designed” Traxx for Railpool with a new livery in Nuremberg at DB-Regio workshop. Before wrapping:

bomb_35344_57 35442984185_03c90c84dd_b

and afterwards:

20190220_170626 33308791798_8569a8116b_o (1) 46339356785_f9ba5cc8c6_o 47753337612_2e26c9abdb_o

2 Diesellocos Serial No 232 for MTMG Co (12.18-01.19)

We have labelled 2 locos No 232-055 and 232-453  of an interesting livery in Komárom/Hungary.

20181213_120258 20190103_151611