About Us

Loc & More Ltd. was founded in 2010 by László Németh and Mátyás Szauer. Both had long since been interested in railways and trains, and this interest led to an enthusiasm for model trains. We became regular visitors of Hungarian and Viennese train model exhibitions, took pictures and videos of the interesting model train themes.

Then we came up with the idea of the Széchenyi train, and we became more closely involved with real trains. At the same time, we took on the major undertaking of making and distributing the model version of the same train. We have a number of ideas which we will continually post on this website as they materialize.

Németh László | Loc & More Train Design

László Németh

Szauer Mátyás | Loc & More Train Design

Mátyás Szauer

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Telephone: +36 30 935-5886