Locomotive wrapping

In Western Europe, locomotives have been decorated (wrapped) for decades. Loc&More Ltd. was the first to start this activity in Hungary in 2010.

Our first decorated locomotive was the Széchenyi-Taurus of GYSEV (Raaberbahn). Since then we have taken on the design of locomotive decorations from the planning to the complete realization and processing of the wrapping (including the "aftercare" and the stripping of the locomotive at the end of the service life) - both in Hungary and abroad. You can see our references here. We are at your disposal under our contacts.


We prepare the plans for the locomotive decorations with the involvement of graphic designers, namely professionals experienced in the production of locomotive decorations. We outline our own ideas and proposals for our clients, but if you have your own idea, we are ready to help you develop it, apply it to the specific type of locomotive, and prepare the high-resolution design plan.


Based on the completed and approved graphics, we manufacture (print and laminate) the film. In all cases, we use foil and laminators that match the planned lifespan of the decoration, the characteristics of the locomotive and the needs of the customers. We also undertake the production of anti-graffiti film.

If it is not about painting the entire locomotive, we undertake the professional painting of individual elements (ventilation grills, bumper covers...).

We place the film at the location specified by the customer, even abroad, but we also recommend a location with favourable conditions.

Wrapping Removal

We undertake the removal of out-dated foil decorations or damaged, worn-out, aged foils - depending on the quality and age of the foil, without damaging the original varnish of the locomotive, or if this is impossible, preparing the surface for the application of a new foil, possibly for varnishing.

Representation (showcase scale models, posters)

A railway model is also made from the locomotive decorations designed and executed by us. The production of large-scale models usually takes 6-12 months, but at the customer's request, we can make some small-scale models for the delivery of the locomotive - even placed in an elegant plexiglass case.

We create a 3D visual design of each of our locomotive decorations, from which an A2 (or any other size) poster can be printed with the customer's logo. The visual plans completed earlier can be downloaded from our references page.