Our company's current wrapping works and latest scale model issues.

193-267: TX-Edelstahl

The ELL-Vectron No 193-267 was wrapped in Kufstein (AT) in the Lokomotion workshop, using 3M 2080 brushed foil.


We have foiled a Renault Kangoo and 5 Hyundai i20 for Synlab in Eger resp. in Budapest.

MFDRail: Railpool 186-432

The 186-432 was wrapped with the MFDRail-design in Pirna (DE), in the locomotive workshop of Captrain in June 2022.

383-218: a Vectron for Budamar

The Vectron 383-218 was foiled in Bratislava for Budamar – design by Railcolor.

Vorsicht Magnetisch! – 193-228 TX-ELL

Herne, 23rd June 2022, 193-228, TX-ELL: Watch Magnetic! (Do you want to work for TX?)

“Thank you for chosing the green way” TX 193-087

A TX-Logistik has saved 388 tsd tons of CO2 by using elctric locomotives – says Railpool loco No 193-087.

NLZ: 193-813 Railpool

The 193-813 of Railpool was wrapped in Nürnberg for the 25-year jubilee of DB Netze. 

Photo: Rico Köthe

193-617 “Peace Movement”

The Peace Movement design was foiled in Köln-Grembergben for TX-Logistik (193-617).

MÁV 480-002 – "Tamási Áron"

The 480-002 Traxx of MÁV-START was wrapped in Hatvan with the design of Máté Török for the 125-year jubilee of the Hungarian writer.

GYSEV 150 – 470-504

The GYSEV-Taurus No 504 was defoiled and wrapped with a new livery for 150-year anniversary of GYSEV Co. (Sopron, 18th May 2022). The H0 scale model of this locomotive is expected within one year by Roco.

5 new Ventus Trainsets for Raaberbahn

5 new Desiro2 trains were stickered with the Ventus logos in Wulkaprodersdorf (AT) im March and April 2022 for Raaberbahn. One of them was crashed by the tragical accident in Münchendorf on 9th May.

50 years of Széchenyi Narrow Gauge Railway (Dmot-953)

The Dmot 953 was foiled for the 50-year anniversary of Széchenyi Narrow Gauge Train (Fertőboz, 26th April 2022).